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Hi Krishna,

Thank you so much for your support to make changes in my career.
I was totally new to this field used to work in stores.
Your training pushed me to right direction.

I was in your weekend morning batch if you recollect.

The way you used to push to talk and describe the project was memorable. How hard it was to speak for 3/4 minutes. 😉

I still remember if you ask some question to class most of the time i did not have answer. Luckily if i had sometimes you used to say "This is very ley man answer 😋"

I got job in oct of 2015 and how soon i worked in around 3 projects.
My team is helping me to make FTE.

May God Bless You Krishna.

Best Regards


Krishna training is no doubt the best training out there. With the knowledge and confidence I gained from the training, I was able to pursue a job in performance testing quite easily. Thanks to Krishna for his commitment and dedication. Go Krishna training!!!


When I joined Krishna Training, I was not too sure what to expect. This was my third training session in the industry and the first two sessions had not helped me gain any confidence in switching my managerial career in health care industry to IT industry. Krishna Training not only explained IT process to me but also helped me gain that confidence I needed. Krishna helped me with my resume and also the interview process. After this training and two months of paid internship with one of the nation’s biggest hotel chain. I went to apply for jobs and I got 5 job offers. Thank you so much Krishna. Because of you and the training you provided I am now working successfully in the industry for almost 5 years.

Ami - Sr. Test Engineer

I am so thankful to you Krishna, you are really a good teacher. I learned a lot from you. You motivate us to go ahead without any fear in our career. You helped me a lot n cant forget how you helped me everytime i had my interview. You prepared me for facing all kind of interviews so well that today i am leading a project myself. I just want to ket everybody knows about me that i started my career as a tester two years ago after Krishnatraining and today i am test lead at a reputed company thts just bcz of you. Till today if i face any kind of issue, i just call you without any hesitation and you always helped us no matter whats the time. Thank you Krishna for everythng.

Shikha verma -




I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the training that you have given



Good Evening Krishna Sir and Raj

I am very happy to let you know that I got a job as Software Tester, and I am going to start on xxxxx

Thanks so much Krishna sir for offering this intensive training program at Germantown and for the wide coverage of different topics. This has helped me very much and I am starting my career now and hope to grow and move up on the ladder with all I have learnt through this training. Your determination and genuine interest in the career growth of your students is amazing. My heartfelt gratitude shall forever be there for you. Thanks again, Krishna sir.

Raj, thank you for everything. You are an amazing teacher. What ever I spoke in the interview, I learnt from you. Your dedication, patience, and attention to detail as a teacher is something wonderful. You always made sure that we got the concepts right and that conceptual understanding only landed me on this job. The way you taught all the concepts, we felt like gaining experience in the real work scenario. I really appreciate all your support and guidance.

And I have to thank Mona for her support all the time when I reached out to her. She's such a sweet and supportive person.

Thanks so much for everything. Looking forward to learn so many things from you all!

Warm Regards


I attended training in September of 2014, I really loved it and I have very high respect for krishna Sir and his team did really good job about the training almost 4 1/2 months. every bit of QA is been taught and no regrets, landed in the job in February 2015, and thanks to krishna, I thank only krishna no one else, not even myself. Krishna is the only reason that i am surviving in my life with my son, I am happy that he taught us so much that i cannot explain. You please go and experience the fact. Just go and join. No one can train you better than krishna , I got transformed. as he says always Never giveup

radhi - Masters


[1/19, 12:17 PM] student: Hi Krishna....just wanted to let you know that I am now working in Texas capital bank. My happiness is incomplete without sharing this with you. You gave me courage and confidence and I am truly thankful to you.
[1/19, 12:23 PM] student: It's a online banking and mobile application. Basically tcb is creating whole new application with the partnership of Q2 . It's a phase 1 so hopefully project Will last minimum 1year.
[1/19, 12:24 PM] Krishna Grandhi: I wish u all the best ..neetu let me know if u need any help
[1/19, 12:24 PM] student: Thanks Krishna. It feels good that you still care for your old students. Thank you for inspiring us.
[1/19, 12:29 PM] student: Sure Krishna I really appreciate that. Mortgage video helped me before and this job is also I got because of them. Very much thank to veni who thought me about mortgage concepts. I wrote down every single word from that videos.


I complete two years as a QA Engineer in a McLean based company this October and even to this day I give all the credit to Krishna. I can confidently say that my decision to join Krishna Training was one of the best decisions of my life. Krishna grooms you to not just be a tester but definitely his students are groomed to be outstanding testers with loads of confidence. I have recommended Krishna Training to a lot of people and will continue to recommend even in the future. Keep going Krishna!!!!!

Reham - QA Engineer
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